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Dalmation Stone jasper gemstone bead sterling silver 925 link necklace

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Stunning gemstone necklace, handmade from solid Dalmatian stone (also nicknamed "Dalmation Jasper") gemstone beads, which have been threaded onto sterling silver wire links. Finished with a lobster clasp and 1 inch extender chain (both stamped '925').

Length: 21 inches / 54cm

Dalmatian stone beads: approx 8mm each.

Gemstone Information:

I'd often thought that dalmatian jasper didn't feel like other types of jasper (it feels slightly lighter and more porous). I came across this article by some gemstone and geology experts in the USA recently, and they had sent some Dalmatian Jasper out for gemological testing; the results were fascinating.

In short, analysis revealed that Dalmatian Jasper is a type of igneous rock, not a jasper. As it is mostly known as a "jasper" (and that is what customers prefer to call it), I still use the term in the item title - but for clarification purposes, it's important to note it's a igneous rock, not proper jasper. Regardless, it's a truly beautiful and eye catching stone!