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SOLD OUT MARCH 2019 Fluorite trillion cut blue colour change gemstone sterling silver 925 ring

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Stunning gemstone sterling silver ring, detailed with a trilliant cut blue Fluorite gemstone, set in solid 925 sterling silver (stamped '925' on the inside of the band).

There is some subtle colour change to this ring; in daylight, it's more of a dark dull blue colour, then in artificial light it's transformed into a lovely almost tanzanite blue-with-flashes-of-purple colour. I've tried to capture this on the photos but unfortunately couldn't get any of the colours as they are in real life (some individual gemstones just don't take to being photographed and this is one of them!).

Size: P 1/2 (USA 8 1/4)

Condition report: pre-owned item. Stone good, silver bright and clean. Please note that my photos haven't been able to capture the real colours of this stone unfortunately - in daylight it's a slightly dull blue, in night time it's a brighter blue-with flashes of purple colour.

Gemstone Information:

Fluorite gemstone is little on the soft side (a hardness of only 4 on the MOHS scale) compared to other gemstones, so would benefit from not being worn every day and not come into contact with the other gemstones in your jewellery box. Gently clean in warm soapy water only, no chemicals, no mechanical cleaners. Under natural light this stone is dull blue, under artificial light it's a brighter blue-to-purple, and under UV light this particular specimen does not glow nor fluoresce at all (though does appear a muted green colour).

trillion cut measuring 8mm, approx total weight 2.000cts